Member of the Week



Larry White is our featured member of the week.  Larry has been a YMCA member for 3 years. Larry’s favorite part of facility is the gym, where he enjoys walking daily.  When he first joined the Y, he was unable to walk halfway across the gym alone. Now he walks at least 4 miles day. Larry also enjoys the fitness machines we have downstairs and has worked to add weights to each one, as he has gotten stronger.  

During his time at the Y, Larry has lost 35 pounds.  He feels better, his breathing is better and he is much stronger than when he started.  Larry says the people at the are what motivates him to come back. He also loves our indoor gym for the large walking track area it provides.

Larry, we are so glad to have you as a Y member.  Thank you for for reminding us all “Y” we are here.  It’s been inspiration to watch your progress over the past year and we appreciate you allowing the YMCA to  be a part of your journey.