Nationwide Membership

The goal of Nationwide Membership is to ensure that all Y members have access to and can use all the areas and
programs of any Y they visit.  With Nationwide Membership, members can visit any participating Y in the United States and Puerto Rico through membership at their home Y, at no additional cost. Nationwide Membership is available for active, full-facility, full-privilege Y members whose home Y participates in Nationwide Membership.  Before being admitted into a participating Y, nationwide members must present a valid Y membership card that includes a photo or other photo identification. If nationwide members do not have membership cards, staff at the front desk can look them up by name or phone number in the Nationwide Membership System. 

Nationwide members may visit other participating Ys as often as they like as long as they use their home Ys on average at least 50 percent of the time. If nationwide members have a family membership or some other inclusive membership arrangement and regularly use two Ys with the same frequency, they need to belong to the Y in the community where they live. Members wishing to end their membership must do so at their home Y.

If a Nationwide Member brings a guest who is not a Nationwide Member, the individual Y’s guest policy will be used to allow entrance. Y members whose home Ys are not participating in Nationwide Membership, members who are under special membership arrangements between Ys and other organizations (social service agencies or group homes, for example), and community members who are program only participants (including Silver Sneakers, Silver and Fit, and similar programs) can visit Ys other than their home Ys as guests.

Extended visits (Snow Birds/Vacation destinations/College students): Nationwide Members who are visiting other Ys for a period greater than 28 days must transfer their membership affiliation from the Home Y to the Visited Y during their
extended visit. The Visited Y will become their new Home Y. Residing in any location for a period greater than 28 days indicates that a member is now in residence in that location.

The individual Y’s guest policy will govern their access to facilities and programs.  Nationwide Membership is intended to be implemented with minimal restrictions; in general, visiting nationwide members have access to the following: all standard facilities where an extra fee for facility members is not imposed (swimming pools, gymnasiums, racquetball courts, basketball courts, wellness centers, group fitness classes, and so on); all services at a participating Y that are offered to that Y’s own facility members.  Nationwide members are considered guests or program members when they visit participating Ys. They can register for programs and classes just as any other guest can, following the same procedures and fee schedules, and they can be charged fees for items like towels and lockers, if the visited Y charges its own members for these items.  Program discounts are for facility members of their home Y.  Nationwide Members may sign up for programs at the program member or non-member rate. 

At this time, participation in Nationwide Membership is voluntary, and a growing number of Ys are choosing to participate. Some Ys, however, have not yet joined or have decided not to participate. Ys that choose not to participate in Nationwide Membership can admit nationwide members under their own policies or practices (with or without charging a
guest fee). It is important to be aware, however, that nationwide members may be charged a guest fee when they visit a Y that is not participating in Nationwide Membership.

Individuals placed on a sexual offender registry are not eligible to participate in Nationwide Membership. If a participating Y has its own screening-and-review process for people who fall into this category and chooses to grant access to that Y to someone whose name appears in the sexual offender registry, it is important that the Y inform the individual that he or she is not eligible to visit other participating Ys.

If you plan on visiting another YMCA, we advise you to call that YMCA about their policies on visiting members.  For a list of YMCA’s, please visit