Payment Options

Three payment plans are available:
1) VISA , Mastercard, American Express or Discover 2) Bankdraft 3) Cash or check

YMCA Facility fee:
A facility fee has been established for all new adult and family members joining the YMCA. Failure to renew one’s membership within 30 days of expiration or bankdraft cancellation will result in the assessment of another facility fee when rejoining.

Bankdraft policy for membership:
The bankdraft system is provided as a convenience to persons wishing to renew or join the YMCA and take advantage of monthly payments. A down payment is required at the time of sign-up, then money is drafted out of your checking or savings account monthly.
Automatic annual renewal: membership is continuous and does not expire under the bankdraft plan until stopped by the member.
Bankdrafts returned from the bank due to non-payment are handled as bad checks. They are turned over to a firm for collection and individuals are responsible for all associated charges and service fees.

A YMCA membership is not transferable from one person to another (even within the same family unit) and loaning or transferring membership cards will be cause for membership termination. Dues are not refundable.

Membership and program refunds:
The YMCA reserves the right to cancel classes not meeting minimum enrollment. Fees will be refunded in this event. In all other cases, class fees are not refundable. No prorating, discounts, or credit given for late registration, partial attendance, or absences from a class. Board policy of this organization is that membership fees are non-refundable.