Active Older Adults

Today’s seniors are more health conscious than ever before.  At the Y we’ve made the health and fitness of our senior adults a top priority by providing programs for the spirit, mind, and body.  Through group exercise classes and aquatic programs that focus on flexibility and mobility, guest speakers, social events, and field trips, our Y is bringing Active Older Adults together for fellowship and fun!

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SilverSneakers® is a fun, energizing program that helps older adults take greater control of their health by encouraging physical activity and offering social events.  As one of the largest senior-focused exercise programs in the United States, this partnership allows eligible members of some health plans to obtain YMCA memberships at no cost. To qualify for a free membership, you must be a Medicaire-eligible member of a health plan that offers the SilverSneakers Program.

Contact Anna Flippen, Membership Coordinator, at 249-2177 to see if you qualify and for more information.

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Healthy aging is a hot topic for older adults everywhere. Whether you’re concerned about weight gain or chronic diseases, the key to healthy aging is a healthy lifestyle. Research shows that remaining active can help to maintain both mental and physical health. Keeping up the activities you enjoy doing will help to maintain physical fitness and preserve muscle tissue. Preserving your strength will help to maintain your independence.  Eating a variety of healthy foods, practicing portion control and including physical activity in your daily routine can go a long way toward promoting healthy aging. Better yet, it’s never too late to make healthier lifestyle choices.

Since its beginning in 1844, the YMCA has been creating, managing, and expanding its programs and facilities with the invaluable help of our volunteers. Whatever your place in our community, from student to older adult, we have volunteer opportunities for you.  Contact us at 249-2177 for more information.