Family Friendly Fitness Classes

Our Family Friendly Fitness Classes are a great way to set a positive example for your children, keep active, and enjoy quality time as a family.  While our youth policy states that youth 8 and up may attend any non weight lifting fitness classes with a parent, these classes are especially suited to participants of all ages, with or without others in your family.

We offer several of classes that you can enjoy as a family:

Family Pound®: Our fun classes are set to high-energy music, which is like a dance party that doubles as a great cardio workout. Expect to build your endurance, coordination and learn some great new dance moves! Class is offered Mondays at 5:30 pm.

Family REFIT®: REFIT® is a fitness concept that engages the heart as a muscle and a soul.   REFIT is designed to create community and relational connections where lives are impacted body, mind and soul.  The community-centered approach of REFIT focuses on building relationships through the shared experience of fitness, creating a safe space that encourages participants of all shapes and sizes to workout, and encouraging all participants to discover their own “impact potential”.  Class participants will discover  easy-to-learn movements, inspiring music and a family-friendly environment for all age groups. Class is offered Sunday at 3:30 pm

If you have any questions about any of our Family Friendly Fitness programs, just email Jen at or call her at 336.249.2177.