Maintain Don’t Gain Drawing Winners

On behalf of the J. Smith Young YMCA, we would like to thank all participants in our challenge.


Congratulations to:

Justice Yim                       Carrie Bowers

Wendy Everhart               Seth Beeson

Otis Buchanan                 Gary Bell

Alejandro Flores              Candice Franklin

Joe Coppley                      Danielle Beeson

Eleanor Allen                    Sheila Killebrew

Johnny Fletcher               Glenn Vickers

Mike Davis                         Mark Smith

Prizes can be picked up starting Monday, January 15.  Prizes are first come, first serve so get here fast!

Available prizes: Personal training package – 5 half hour sessions, YMCA T-Shirts, Water bottle,

Resistance band, Yoga Mat, Jump Rope, 1 Round of golf at Pinewood Country Club